Wrnlrd "Oneiromantical War"

The strange Virginian black metal band Wrnlrd have a new LP out, entitled Oneiromantical War. Released by the new Chicago label, FSS, the LP is on top-flight 180 gram vinyl, and limited to 500 copies.

The great site Left Hand Path has an Wrnlrd interview here, and they also did a review for the new LP.


fishskull said...

Thanks for the coverage, we appreciate it. More music coming from FSS including a reissue from Gore and a new LP from Cristal.

-cja said...

i wish this LP was less than the $30+ i've seen it for in a few places. i'd like to check it out... i did see it this weekend and it looked real nice.

fishskull said...

You can get the LP direct from FSS for $26 (postage included) and I've seen lotsa online sources (Aquarius Records, The End, Mimaroglu( that are selling Oneiromantical War for under $30.