Sunn O))) "Domkirke"

The new Sunn O))) live release, Domkirke, is now available from Southern Lord. It's a double LP, pressed on grey or black vinyl. Not sure how many pressed, probably a ton.


Demian Johnston said...

hey where can i send a little something?

take care,


Anonymous said...

Hey man,emailed ya.Thanx for support.

Anonymous said...

What is funny about this album is that it's a ripoff of the doom drone band Robe. (even if it's unknowingly... I don't think Sunn have heard Robe., but I'm just saying that robe. is better). The church aesthetic, the doom riffing, the trombones, organs, chanting, etc... it all sounds identical to the Columbus, Indiana based band Robe. Robe. is the most fiercely original independant doom/drone/noise artist around. Come have a listen at ... good day.