Persistence In Mourning Interview

Persistence In Mourning is a devastating funeral doom/drone band from Oklahoma City.What's most amazing about the music is the absolutely palpable sense of cold European destruction that they bring to their recordings.It's almost as if they took the best aspects of Esoteric,Thergothon,and Khanate,then smashed em to bits,and turned it into something altogether new and disturbing.

I was lucky enough to chat with the main brain behind the project,one A. Lippoldt,to see just how the band gets such a sick sound out in the middle of nowhere.

1.I really like the band name.Is there a story behind it?

PIM.Not really, I just thought it sounded good. When I started recording material for what would be PiM, my wife came up with the name "Listless acts of Attrition". I thought that sounded more like an album than a band name, so I came up with Persistence in Mourning and used "Listless...." as the title of my debut ep. Actually, my wife names most of my releases.

2.What were you involved in prior to doing Persistence?

PIM.Not a whole lot really. I was in a band called Biomass for a while, but that was years before I started PiM. I was briefly part of a three piece death metal band called Asfixiation. I played bass and screamed. There was a lot of old school influence. Sinister, Bolt Thrower type of stuff with programmed drums. We released one ep entitled "Into the Dead Sea". I listen to it every now and then. We had a lot of fun, but we weren't very good (although the other two guys in the band are defifnitely the two most gifted musicians I've ever had the opportunity to play with).

3.PIM is a solo project right?Is that how you wanted to do it,or is it a product of circumstance?

PIM.A little of both actually. I like the control of being able to do it all myself. Also, besides the live drummer I've used a couple of times I don't think there is anyone around here who could make it sound right. By that i mean that I don't really know anyone who's interested in this type of music. I really enjoy working with other musicians, and I use session members often. I used the same drummer for both my track on the Thergothon tribute and my half of the Worship split. I intend to someday record a full length with him when he is not so busy with his other bands.

4.What is your connection with the band Exitium?

PIM.Their founder, guitarist and creative force is my wife's brother. He would be a good friend of mine even if he wasn't my brother-in-law actually. He and I just got back from a trip to Germany to attend this year's Wacken Open Air festival. He and Exitium's bassist were the other two members of Asfixiation. I think every member of my first band except for myself and the drummer have played, or currently play in Exitium.

5.You just did a split seven inch with the infamous doom band Worship.How did that come about?

PIM.Last December, I went to Munich. My wife and I didn't really want to just do the same old tourist type stuff, and I had been in contact with Daniel before (more as a fan than anything). I sent him an email and asked if we could take him out to dinner one night. He suggested a place that's very popular with locals, and after dinner he walked around the Christmas markets with us. A couple of months after coming home he told me about this idea he had for a trilogy of split EPs and asked if I'd like to be on the first. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Daniel has helped me out a lot, and is a really great guy.

6.How'd you hook up with At War With False Noise?

PIM.Basically, I was just a fan of the label and asked if he'd be interested in putting something out for me. Frankly, I was surprised that he said yes. It is a very professional label and Al runs it very well. I am very excited about getting something released through him.

7.I hear you are taking a break from PIM to work on another project.Tell us about that.

PIM.I'm not sure how much of a break I'll be taking, but I do have another project on the horizon. It will be a two piece ambient thing between myself and Brad Hightower (who is my sister-in-law's fiance). He has already done some guest work on my upcoming 3" cdr on Universal Tongue. I'm looking forward to getting stuff going on it, we have very different influences. I kind of want to get away from playing guitar on this and get more into electronics. He's a good guitarist, and really into gypsy type stuff. We plan to use a lot of field recordings as well. It should be interesting.

8.Favorite Sabbath song?

PIM.Probably "Electric Funeral". Admittedly, I don't listen to Sabbath very often though.

9.Future plans for Persistence In Mourning?

PIM.I've just started work on a split with Koufar. Beyond that, no plans really. Both the CD on At War With False Noise and the 3" CDr on Universal Tongue should be out within a month or so. We hope to re-release the CD on LP with exclusive artwork in early '09. I intend to eventually record a full length and put it out through Ars Funebris (who did a great job re-releasing "Listless acts of Attrition"). Any interested Labels or Bands please get in touch!
thanks very much.

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