Sunn O))) cassette

Taken from Ideologic (of course).
So who's grabbing me one?


Kevin G. Yuen said...

whoever can get me of one these - I will buy you meal + one drink for that night of the gig.

(i was there 101008 - so this documentation def. matters, heh)

nice folk contact:

Demian Johnston said...

i am going to do my best to get one but it's tough. steve and greg never seem to respond to the parts of my emails when i ask you stuff...

Anonymous said...

Hey get my email?

Kevin G. Yuen said...

Busy bees, Fair enough though.

Demian, dude - we're getting a meal regardless when I am in the northwest next.


you too Beau (wherever you are !!!)

Anonymous said...

I'm just South of Chi-town,but wanna get out west in the fall.

Spicy tuna and a few brews for me!!