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THORNS LTD "0.0 Santa Fe" [2 x C60 cassette] TWR Tapes 2009

Thorns Ltd is the experimental/drone/art-circuit offshot of the legendary black metal band Thorns. Thorns Ltd consists of core-members Snorre Ruch and Jon Wesseltoft. In 2006 Thorns Ltd participated in the sixth Santa Fe Bienniale with the piece 0.0. A non-linear generative sound piece composed for a 5.1 surround set up and played back in an almost blackend out room to enhance the listening experience.
These tapes represents a frozen glimpse of the insallation in a two hour composit form. "0.0 Santa Fe" will appeal to fans of dense/heavy/drone soundscapes, but the classic characteristic Norwegian black metal guitar-sound that Snorre Ruch helped create shines through on many passages.

This is a pro-duplicated double cassette limited to 100 numbered copies. There will be no future reissues on other formats. Each copy has an individual cover image. Graphic design by HÃ¥vard Gjelseth.

Available now.23 US dollars within europe.26 US dollars rest of the world.
Make payment to paypal: mail [at] lassemarhaug [dot] no

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Looks great and sounds interesting but $26 post paid keeps me away. I'm not one for tapes anyway.