Adversarial Interview

Adversarial are a crazy blackened death metal band from Ontario who immediately made my ears perk up just on the strength of their 3 song demo.Having recently released the demo on cassette I decided to chat with Adversarial mainman Carlos about the short history of the band,and where things were going to be heading from here for this promising (and punishing) new act.

Hammer Smashed Jazz:You guys started in 2007,but have just recently released your demo. Sounds like a lot of hard work went into making those songs how you wanted.

Adversarial:Yeah a lot did actually. We built on the speed and aggressiveness of the songs more and more as time went by (and even recorded once before the final demo) but once we both got used to our playing, things just took off. Also there were some changes done to the songs when Erich wrote his drum parts, they changed the idea I had for the tunes and it came out ten times better in the end.

HSJ: Zombie Ritual just released your demo on cassette. How'd you hook up with them?

A:Well I sent them that early recording I mentioned via e-mail and they liked it, after some talks I sent the final demo and, well it was released. We got to know Blood Harvest/Zombie Ritual through bands like Bloody Sign and Magnanimus for example and we thought there was a place for Adversarial within that label…

HSJ:I love the fact that your sound incorporates speed and technicality with the "feel" of the old classics. Was this what you originally intended the band to sound like?

A:Thanks man, but curiously that wasn’t the intention. From the beginning the idea was to create dark, fast, vicious black/death metal. We’ve been told that we sound a bit “old school” but that just comes out because of our influences. We never part from the intention to create an “old” death or black feel. Nor do we intend to emulate our influences.Musically we just follow whatever sounds more powerful to us, we think it’s important to keep the right atmosphere and create a black world of our own that represents what we stand for.This is very personal music, but generally speaking that is our musical intention…

HSJ: You guys are in Ontario Canada correct? What’s the current scene like there? Are you guys currently playing live shows?

A:Well yes that’s where we’re from. And although we would like to play live often, we’ve only played a few shows so far ( alongside Incantation and bestial locals Horde Of Worms ) But there’s a fucking serious lack of support for local bands here.Nevertheless we have shows planned for the near future…

HSJ:Any particular reason you chose the band name? Seems perfect for the type of music you guys play.

A:Yes, it took a while to find the right name...Adversarial parts from darkness, violence and anger. Lots of it, and intends to be a representation and outlet of these things as well as a means to express contempt and hatred towards the pettiness in mankind, society and religion.Adversarial is individuality and strength, we are at war…and will stand in opposition against what we despise, we are its adversary…

HSJ:The demo seems to be well-received so far. Are you guys currently working on new material? Any plans for a full-length?

A:Yeah between trades and sales I would say that it’s doing well, and we’ve been keeping busy. The material for our debut full length is complete. We are just finishing up some drums and practicing everything to go in and record this summer. Including the demo songs which will be re-recorded, there’s well over 30 min. of music written.Artwork and layout are in the process and everything should go well…

HSJ:Favorite Sabbath song?

A:Into the void…

HSJ:When it comes to modern metal any bands that you feel rise above the rest?

A:Well personally there’s a couple of bands that I could mention, some aren’t exactly new but they’re not classics anyway: Drawn And Quartered, Azarath, Dead Of Winter (Can) Celestial Bloodshed, Old Wainds, Witchmark (Can), Inquisition etc… All really good bands to me.

HSJ:Any future plans you'd like to let us in on? Hopefully some shirts/records at some point?

We are currently sold out on everything, including our first batch of longsleeves ( we only print longsleeves ) so we are trying to make a new batch very soon. They will have new artwork and we will post it on our site once they are out.And of course the full length will be out this year…hopefully with some label support…Thanks for the interview and support brother...C.S/

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