Dragged Into Sunlight Interview

Dragged Into Sunlight is a band who are absolutely about to blow up when their debut full-length comes out later this year.It was an honor to talk to the guys about the new album,the upcoming trilogy,and of course,Sabbath.Read on.

Hammer Smashed Jazz:For a band with no official releases,there's quite a buzz around you guys.Have you noticed this energy,and what is it that you think has people so excited about your band?

Dragged Into Sunlight:Dragged into sunlight is the collective expression of a group sharing similar experiences and influences. Whilst it's anti social to take your own personal influence and tube feed others, if you think how many others are out there, it's inevitable that some will share a similar thought process. So, for those few, it's an energy they relate to.

HSJ:You have Billy Anderson producing,and art from Justin Bartlett AND Mike Diana.How the hell did you get so many notable people involved?I've seen Bartlett's artwork,and it is so killer.

DIS:The people we've involved relate to what we do. Similarly, we relate to what they do, for example, we're fans of EYEHATEGOD, Autopsy and Boiled Angel.Justin reminds me of RP's Nick Blinko, so we definitely share an influence.

HSJ:How long has it taken to get the full-length out?I would imagine you're dying to get this thing into people's hands.Also,when you finally listened to the final mix,were you pleased with the results?Did it turn out exctly as you had hoped?

DIS:Billy used a lot of vintage gear during the production process, so the recording has a similar bias to a cassette tape.

Having grown up in the tape trading scene, we're proud to have produced a tribute to a sound which, although non-existent now, waged a significant influence back then.The full length 'Hatred For Mankind' is out on Mordgrimm later this year, it sounds disgusting.

HSJ:So now you've announced a trilogy of releases.Can you tell us anything about this?Sounds like you'll be taking the Dragged sound into new directions.

DIS:'Widowmaker' is a trilogy of informal releases. Whilst 'terminal aggressor' has no boundaries, 'Widowmaker' draws influence from a specific genre, so you can expect a slower, heavier sound.It isn't a new direction so much as it is a plethora of influence.

HSJ:Favorite Sabbath song?

DIS:Into the void.

HSJ:The UK seems to have an amazing tight-knit scene for metal music right now,particularly dark doom-laden music.Tell my readers some of the amazing bands kicking around right now.

DIS:Black Stone Altar, Bong, Wodensthrone, Sex Wound, Dead Existence, Acral Necrosis, Dead in the Woods, Lazarus Blackstar, Magpyes, Manatees.


Anonymous said...

Dragged into sunlight have changed the way I look at the world, they're music is so filthy.

It makes me want to grab a dwarf, paint him up all white, and throw him down a well, so I can watch him falling all the way to the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Ha!Thats brilliant!

I really think these guys will be huge when the full length finally comes out.

Anonymous said...

This band makes me want to fuck a hand-grenade.