Gnaw Their Tongues Interview

"Fuckin' frightening".That's the best description that I could come up with while trying to describe the nihilist noise unit from the Netherlands,known ominously as Gnaw Their Tongues.To "enjoy" a Gnaw Their Tongues release is to be tortured mercilessly.Haunted voices whispering in your ear while a hundred terrible sounds send you into a vortex of confusion.Like a musical K-Hole that sucks you in way too deep.

I decided to chat with GTT mainman Mories about the impetus and process behind creating such disturbing sounds.

Hammer Smashed Jazz:I love your band name.Is there a story behind it?Sounds creepy,like your music.

Gnaw Thir Tongues:It's from the book of revelations: "The fifth angel, who "poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds". For a while I was really obsessive with this bible book. I liked the imagery of people gnawing their own tongue because of intense pain.

HSJ:You've been really prolific already.Do you have a lot more releases planned,or do you see GTT slowing down soon?

GTT:Yes i'm intending to slow it down, not that I'm not inspired anymore, but with that many releases some might be overlooked or not get the attention they deserve. Every release I did had a special theme/sound/art etc. No release is more important than the other. This year there will be: 1 LP on At War With False Noise. 1 (2x)LP/CD on Crucial Blast/Burning World Records (big fucking record/a real monster!). Later in the year 1 CD containing mostly fast GTT material and maybe one more LP.

HSJ:Your music truly is a frightening experience.What was the original intent behind creating GTT?Just be as scary as possible?Also,your music seems very inspired by horror movies.Is this true,and are than any movies in particular that inspired you and your music?

GTT:As with all music I make; it's a essential part of my life. Since my teen year I made enourmous amounts of music. GTT was just a way of releasing the dark stuff I've recorded. I also decided not to have any boundaries (musicwise) anymore. GTT is a (true) expression of stuff going on in my head/world.Horror movies are great but not really an inspiration. I'm more inspired by everyday real horror that goes on in the world. Horror soundtracks are an inspiration though.

HSJ:I know of two other projects you have,Aderlating and De Magia Veterum.Why the need for more projects?What is it that you can do in these projects that you can't accomplish in GTT?

GTT:De Magia Veterum was actually there before GTT. DMV is really guitar based, and litlle more straight forward/(black) metal compared to GTT. Really fast over the top extreme dissonant black metal. GTT is almost only bass guitar and borderless, anything goes. Aderlating was created to play live. I wanted to play live but not under the name GTT. GTT can never be recreated live. So with Aderlating I can play live. Aderlating is morphing into another big beast as we speak right now. Aderlating is mainly extreme dark droning stuff and rather noisy. it's all about low frequencies and monotous trance rituals and visuals. Straying even further from the whole 'metal' thing.

HSJ:Very early on,you hooked up with one of my favorite labels,Paradigm Recordings.How did you guys hook up?

GTT:I'm not sure anymore.If I remember correct he approached my via myspace.

HSJ:I was glad to see that Die Mutter and Dawn Breaks Open was recently reissued.Having missed some of the early (and quite rare) releases,I'd love to see some more reissues.Will you keep repressing stuff if the demand is there?

GTT:Yes and no.I even might throw the out of print stuff for free on the internet. As I said before,I'm going to slow down the releases. So maybe next year. Most of the self-released stuff is still available by me. Some of the realy old stuff I think is not worth re-releasing; so maybe as free download in the future.

HSJ:Your sound is a real mixture of many sounds/genres,but the Die Mutter CD and the recent seven inch have an almost uh,"normal" black metal sound to them.Is this a sound that we will hear again in the future?

GTT:I don't know, it might. Later this year there will be a CD with mostly fast stuff 'Eschatological Scatology' recorded last two year. For some reason the fast 'black metal' stuff did not fit the last two/three cd's. The 'Eschatological Scatology' cd was suppose to be the last fast stuff i release with GTT but I change my mind all the time. If I feel like recording fast black metal in the future I'll just record that stuff. As I said: no boundaries!

HSJ:Does GTT operate as a live entity?If so,what is a live show like for GTT?

GTT:No live shows for GTT. It would involve way to many people and funds. And I'm not really a 'people's person' so..
HSJ:Favorite Sabbath song?

GTT: 'Snowblind'

HSJ:You are from the Netherlands,correct?What kind of underground music scene do you have over there?Any great bands people should know about?

GTT:Oh man I don't know and don't care. Almost all stuff I see live here in the north of the Netherlands is crap. I have no connection with the local scene. I usually go to shows to get off the couch and get drunk, not for the music.

HSJ:Tell us about the future of Gnaw Their Tongues,as well as any of the other projects you have going on.

GTT:With Aderlating there will be a couple of shows and hopefully a lot more, maybe even a tour or something. Also two splits and a full lenght this year.

With De Magia Veterum there will be a rather special packaged release of the new full length (recorded in autumn 2008) 'migdal bavel' which will be out soon.I'm quite proud on the level of insanity and technicality reached on those recordings.

With GTT there will be: an LP “rend each other like wild beasts, till earth shall reek with midnight massacre” (300 copy's) out soon on at war with false noise,a CD/2xLP ('all the dread magnificence of perversity', the double vinyl LP will have 3 extra songs). Will be out on crucial blast/burning world records.'Eschatological Scatology' will be out in ± september 2009.Maybe another LP/CD but that's uncertain; i still got loads of unreleased stuff. If this comes out it will be all really harsh/experimental stuff (including the 'rend ...' tracks).

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