Earth "Radio Earth" LP

Earth's killer live release "Radio" will be available from Southern Lord on vinyl on Thursday. If you don't trust the Lord, just check Insound or other mailorders. Not sure how many pressed.


AK said...

"If you don't trust the Lord"


bad experience?

i prefer to get my sl stuff elsewhere too. just a few too many shitty transactions.

Anonymous said...

Yep,kinda shady!

What'd they get you for?

AK said...

a boris lp that i had to file on them to actually get shipped. this was after several attempts to contact through e-mail with no response. then, when i finally got it the wax was riddled with surface noise.

a couple times i was just waiting too damn long for the order to show but it eventually did.

also, i thought the way they shut down the message board was totally shitty and the explanation was total crap.

so, i've never actually been scammed outright but if that's how greg wants to run his business that's a damn shame.

it leaves a bad fucking taste in my mouth to the extent that it tends to obscure my enjoyment of the music. i order and listen to far less sl stuff than i would if they had their shit together like profound lore or nwn or dozens of other distros, labels and individual artists.