Worship Black Twilight

Incredible compilation CD and zine featuring Ashdautas, Volahn, Arizmenda, Kallathon, and Axeman. All this shit's new to me, and really killer, especially the Arizmenda!! Anyway, this is limited to 400 copies, available at the Bone Awl shows, and maybe from Klaxon when tour's over.


XOROX said...

hello I wrote you a message on Jerk Booth, I already have this tape, thanks! I was looking for the other one... Could you do me a favor? Can you rip me this Worship Black Twilight? Sounds very promissing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Xorox.Thanx for stoppin by!Anyway,we're not an mp3 blog...BUT its a possibility that the comp will be sold out before the bands get back from tour,so...here ya go!


Blow your mind!Great stuff!

Van Damned said...

Hey HSJ,

Couldn't find your e-mail address, but wanted to let you know that everybody's favorite weirdpsych-artist extraordinaire Arik Roper has a new print for sale as of this week.
According to his website, the "prints were designed for a benefit in Japan to raise awareness of Shark overfishing. 80 were made, 50 will be sold at the benefit in Japan, and (he's) selling the remaining 30. They're 5 color, 12"x18".
Didn't know if you'd seen it.
I saw Roper's "The Sighting" print on your blog, bought one, hung it in my living room and now get hella comments about it. Cheers.
Keep up the good work - I get so much good stuff from you.

Van D.

Anonymous said...

Thanx man!I'm off to check it out!Reader submissions always welcome!

email is


XOROX said...

well I agree on that, I read a lot of great interviews and I have to say that we have a lot in common in taste of music! thanks for the upload you made me so curious, I will keep it for myself!
if you are looking for sold out records: johnjansen1 at gmail maybe I can help you out..