Blue Sabbath Black Cheer "Dead Death, Death Dead" LP

New LP on Gnarled Forest, limited to 500. Also, if you're on the mailing list, there's a crazy deluxe version. Here's the info straight from the label/band.

"Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Dead Death, Death Dead 2xLP DeluxeGnarled Forest mailing list deluxe test press edition of 31 copies.This limited edition version includes a white label test press LP as well as the regular black label edition. It also includes an extra 8.5x11" double sided insert of a mordancage version of the cover image/negative image on the backside, a 12x12" "For The Sickly Weaklings" LP cover design wall hanging screen printed white on black burlap, and a 15x15" "It Doesn't Matter When You're Dead" skull design backpatch/wall hanging screen printed white on black canvas. All of this comes wraped in a handmade 30x23" piece of heavy textured rice paper with another skull design screen printed in black on the front & sealed with a skull & crossbones blood red wax stamp on the back."

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