Grief No Absolution "Eurostopodus Argus//Crypsis"

Man, I haven't heard all of this, but what I have heard is bleeeeaakk. Goddamn dark and hopeless. If Khanate and the Exorcist aren't scary enough for you, then this just might be your new favorite record.Head on over to Flingco Sound and grab it, as a digital download or a 10"/7" package.
While you're there, grab everything these guys put out. Flingco is like the Lamborghini of record labels. High-end stuff for serious vinyl freaks.


XOROX said...

Yes indeed, I am so waiting for this release!!
As Oneiromantical War
by Wrnlrd being my all time favorite release. Waiting till the 24th!
greetings. john

Anonymous said...

Oh ya...Wrnlrd is amazing! War and Pentagon are two of my faves, no doubt.

New Wrnlrd soonish I heard.