Velvet Cacoon "P Aa Opal Poere Pr.33"

The long awaited follow-up to Genevieve is now available here. Limited to 1000 copies in a 7"x7" cover. High hopes abound for this one.


Anonymous said...

Yeah should be killer, just picked up the Dextronaut - Perched on a never ending peaks an excellent track. Atropine on order from Aquarius, but this was what we been waiting for my friend.Newer stuff of the highest regards include...Mrtyu-ornate shroud,Kreng-l'autopsie phenomenale de dieu, the 4 Bardo Pond releases on important,Alasehir-torment of metals,Alumbrados-monochord,Moon Phantoms-s/t,Bardo Pond-gazing at shila,also...Bardo Pond-peri, Servile Sect-stratospheric passenger, Pan sonic / Keiji Haino-"Shall I download a blackhole and offer it to you", Voltaic Omen-Supreme satanic substorm,Blood Of The Black Owl-a feral spirit. All kinds of Krautrock...Ash Ra Temple, Cosmic Jokers, Cluster, Amon Duul II, Brainticket, Guru Guru. Not to mention Nadja/A storm of light-primitive north, Cave-psychic psummer, Black Boned Angel-Verdun.And so much more great music coming out lately,don't you think so. JY

Anonymous said...

I listen to. The Wounded Kings.Embrace of the narrow house,Sylvester Anfang II,Oneida Rated O,Nebula.Heavy Psych,Impavida.eerie sceneries,GoG.Mist from the random more,Pocahaunted/Robedoor.Hunted Gathering,Ashes.Yggdrasil,B.O.C..Secret Treaties,Beherit.Electric Doom Synthesis,

Anonymous said...

Great great stuff there my friend. Mrtyu...Bardo Pond with so much coming. Servile Sect blew me away when I heard it a few years back.

Gog is amazing. The whole drone synth axis happening.... Marc McGuire, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ducktails, the Notnotfun camp is always nuts. The deathdub of Legion of Two!!! The new Yoga will destroy minds... Eagle Twin, new Om coming.... I have never enjoyed music more!

Hmmm, you guys rock. Maybe you should do HSJ? :)