Emil Tibell Interview

Breaking new talent is what we are all about here at HSJ, but I think that the word is out on Emil Tibell, who is from New York by way of Sweden. I've had my eye on his incredible work for a little while now, and he's recently scored some serious projects. Read on for a glimpse into the mind of one of the freshest talents on the scene today.

HAMMER SMASHED JAZZ: So you were born in Sweden, and moved to New York, correct? Why the move?Do you ever go back to visit, or see yourself moving back one day?

EMIL TIBELL: I moved to NY because the whole notion of it being thee place standing upright at the centerpoint of the 3-dimensional space, and all things radiating out from it. But in actuality its just a great big heliograph. What i had seen and heard of nyc growing up made it seem like a place i had to inhabit in to channel certain currents i wanted to invoke. To go to college was a good excuse to go there. But i never finished art school as i got kicked out my senior year after being forced by the police to spend 2 weeks in bellevue?s hospitals detox. This city is full of synthetic happiness, i miss the serene beauty of walking through a desolate Swedish winter forests while the snow falls like the purest powder. Here it all turns to grey slush atop concrete. Ultimately i like to move back in time and place to somewhere more similar to where my grandparents lived, you in nature, living of the land, a simpler life full of simple chores and pleasures.

HSJ: What are your earliest memories of art, and things that inspired you to draw?
ET:I drew the usual crap as any kid does. it wasnt until i got near my 20s that i started to feel a need to record and archive these strange mystical, beautiful notions and currents that would glimpse and stream through my head. I was afraid they would just pass to never be recalled again and no one would ever have known they were there, so i felt a strong need to physically record them, analogous, for this world to see even after me. its always nice when someone says they like something i've done, but mostly i feel its important for me to record the otherworldly messages and visions that pass through my mind, because if i dont they will be lost, devoided. Now i feel its important to leave behind a map of what was my spirit for the afterworld to see when im gone, so it can live on. Otherwise I would just be another dead cold maggot ridden corpse laying forgotten underneath the soil one day. I want what was in my head, my spirit, to live on through my legacy one far away day. So for me these rituals where i try to manifest my spirit is the most important thing i want to accomplish.

HSJ: Your work seems to be focused on anatomy, and skulls. Is there a message that you are trying to convey through the human form?

ET:I dont quite know what my fascination with the cranium is but it is fascinating to me that it is the antenna, the very message central or motherboard, for otherworldly polarization of feelings and notions transmitted from god knows what realm. it is interesting to me that what is it in the design of nature and living beings that is so grossly superior to anything we ever been able to produce. the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the source of all true art, philosophy and sciences. I am immerged in subjects like magick, mysticism, supernatural, forces and radiation the unseen connections, the hidden meanings of sacred geometry and numbers, the occult and Crowley. I dont like to refer to it as 'god' because i dont believe in the meaning the word usually associates but 'gods' or 'the universe" design is so vastly superior to anything that will ever be constructed by man. Therefore i like to depict skulls, bones, anatomy, decay, putrefaction and other elements of these sacred designs displayed by the unknown ever present architect of nature. Geometry is not to be underestimated, everything living or growing evolves out of geometry. Everything grows from a single point, to a symmetrical shape, to a complex cosmological being. and somehow this geometry allows its inhabitant to live, create and have consciousness. And the destruction of this design does what to the consciousness? i dont know yet i've only experience alittle bit of that so far but i think its an intriguing place to dwell. When geometry breaks, thats when life fails, decay, rott, trauma is all ungeometrical in nature. So thats a place to start for me, Memento mori, the visual reminder of the transient of life on earth and death.

HSJ: There seems to be a bit of mixed media in your work. Do you have a favorite type of medium you work in?

ET: I wish I could depict everything the way it is in my head but my hands just arent skilled enough. so i keep it simple, white backgrounds of gesso/whiteout/spraypaint/housepaint, sketch with a red color pencil usually and then draw with my black ink pen on top. And then its part of my magickal ritualli for me to put some of my blood or semen on the artwork, to leave part of me physically with the works for the energy's sake. sometimes i try to use some more colors but it get difficult. like iggy and the stooges once said "our skills are very minimal, its our taste thats superiorly sophisticated". Its in my mind, i just wish the hands could keep up.
HSJ: Professionally, what type of works have you done so far?
ET: After i got kick out of art school a couple of years ago i spent alot of looking within myself to find myself, my true will and my own genuine artistic voice. I have a 1000 pieces, piles and piles of it but i havent felt ready to start showing any of it to the outside world until very recently. i just did the cover and art for a new Queen Elephantine cd that will be coming out soon, and my current project is the cover and art for the mighty Unearthly Trance's upcoming split lp with Wooden Wand. basically im just starting out and feel ready to get out there and want all the opportunities i can get now.

HSJ: I think many (most) visual artists like to listen to music when creating things. What are some of your favorites to listen to while working?
ET: Music is important, I think it comes from the same place as art, its just communicated through a different medium. i sometimes wish i was more focused on making musick since it seems to me to be a more effective way of conveying you artistic notion to an audience. But creating musick is just something i do on the side so far. When I draw I need to put on the musick that will give me the right mood for what i want to invoke. Right now some favorites are definitely Kim Carlssons bands LifeLover and Hypothermia, and Kvarfoths bands Shining and Skitliv, Alkerdeel, Vordr, Circle of Ouroborous, Dead Reptile Shrine, Woods of Infinity, Ghast, Ufo Gestapo, Burning Witch, Pentagram, Bedemon and the the likes. Recently I've been listening to Bong and Laudanum on heavy rotation. And of course all the new shit you keep introducing me to every other day, just got a Rhuith cdr in the mail last week thanks to your enlightening me.

HSJ: What sorts of projects are you working on right now, and in the future?
ET: Im doing this very large size canvas called 'death tripp, blood process' right now of a skull, highly detailed, with these poisonous mushrooms called 'destroying angel' growing out of its trepanated cranium. The last piece I finished was titled 'surrogate mother superior' also a large canvas showing the transformation of a body?s anatomy into the unknown, abyssium, through the dark void that is brain damage. I been going larger size pieces (bigger then me) because there is an upcoming gallery show in the works a few months from now.

Thanx mate. Take care!Thank you for your excellent and original aesthetic taste, Do what Thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!


Anonymous said...

He should check out, Lustre: Night Spirit ,the dude Nachtzeit he was in Hypothermia.

Anonymous said...

I own the largest skull collection in the western U.S. it numbers in close to 2,000 just recently Iv'e started sketching and it seems to draw out a different personality in myself.Music is a large part of creating these masterpieces,thanks in part to your site here I've gotten into interesting sounds and the art appears to achieved a new level.Thanks for all your posts.