Om "Conference Live" handmade LPs

Important has these.

OM Conference Live handmade LP $20

Some of the records we received originally were defective and the factory was nice enough to replace them. So, we've got 200 copies on gold vinyl housed in screen printed jackets designed by David D'Andrea. Check out the tour poster he designed over at the Monolith Press website.


R said...

You have to email them to order? Hopefully the OM record does not sell out that fast.

Anonymous said...

Yep...gotta email. Important is notorious for the shitty mailorder site, but are usually good about answering and sending quickly.

AK said...

i feel bad for the people that ordered the original version. that cover looks way better.

-cja said...

i saw the version w/ the OG cover at a store by my house and i liked the die-cut in the sleeve. but i agree, this cover looks way better.

and yeah, Important has a somewhat archaic mailorder system but they are quick with replies, etc.

oh, new SUNN 2xLP dropped.

Anonymous said...

Un-related but: Important is trying to pawn off fucked up samples of the Boris 'Vein' LP. $40 buys you the 'rock' version where as $80 buys you the 'noise' version. Have these guys no shame?