Thorazine Gaze Interview

In just over a year's time, Thorazine Gaze has proven to be masters of not one, but TWO styles of music, over the course of three painfully limited CDRs. Seemlessly blending dark ambient passages with occasional black metal blasts, Thorazine Gaze is a band to watch for. I was lucky enough to speak to the one man responsible for this musical cacophony...

HAMMER SMASHED JAZZ: Love the band name...any story behind it, or did you just choose it because it sounds cool?

THORAZINE GAZE: It was something I just happened to think of. I guess that the name incorporates a lot of different things within the meaning. The name “thorazine gaze” for me is defined by sadness, boredom, frustration, disgust, and mourning. The name can also be taken a few different ways such as looking within oneself or looking at the outside world. It’s hard for me to explain completely……I’m not all that great with words.

HSJ: So when did you start TG, and what was your original idea/intent behind it?

TG: Well in 2008 I started the project but really it began before that in a way. I had made some songs prior to thorazine gaze really taking shape that were similar in style but at the time I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. A few years went by, and in early 2008 I started working on material that eventually became what it is now.

As far as the original idea or intent, I was just making music that I felt was honest to myself. This ambient style of music or whatever you want to call it is what happens to come out when I sit down to record.

HSJ: Two distinct sound modes for the band...the black metal side, and the more ambient side. Is it important to keep the two seperate, or will they blend more in the future?

TG: Essentially thorazine gaze is a more ambient/experimental project than black metal. The black metal side of it is the lesser of the two. I love black metal with a passion and that’s why there are some black metal songs thrown in there but it’s really not the true sound of the project. In the future the two will probably completely separate just to keep things honest. I’ve been thinking about just having a black metal side project in order to keep thorazine gaze in track with the original purpose.

HSJ: One man band, correct? Any particular reason?

TG: Yes. The reason for that is that I don’t know anyone personally that enjoys this type of music or would want to play it. I use to play with some friends of mine and we played dark indie music which was fine but I wasn’t really passionate about it. So I eventually decided to make music on my own so I could pursue my own interests and do something that I really feel strongly about. There are benefits of doing it on my own as well disadvantages.

HSJ:Black Noise is one of my favorite little'd that connection happen?

TG: Well we got acquainted over the internet. He liked the music so we ended up trading CD’s and after that we had sent each other some messages for a few months and then one day he asked if I would be willing to release a CD on the label. I was really excited about the whole situation because I had never worked with a label before and wasn’t really sure how everything worked. Black Noise was very patient and helpful with getting the CD out and I think because of that, that release has been the most focused.

HSJ:Future releases/plans...

TG: There will be some new releases that should be coming out relatively soon. I did a split tape with Children Egoism that should be coming out on Moribund Tree Records soon. There is also a raw black metal split with Marsh that will hopefully get released soon, not sure when though. I’ve also started a small label that will function as a way to release thorazine gaze material as well as other side projects and eventually other bands. The label is called “Love Decay” Records, and can be found at There are also some other plans for new material to come out but nothing is set in stone.

Thanks, i really appreciate your interest.

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a death cinematic ::: simple box construction said...

nice, thorazine gaze is pretty awesome. i was lucky enough to trade him for some of his earlier work. phenomenal!