Mayhem "Of Lord Satans Mysteries"

Get it here...this is what the description says....

"EXCELLENT sounding rehearsal from Spring 1989 featuring one of the very few non-live appearances with DEAD on vocals. Audio source is taken DIRECTLY from one of the 11 (eleven!) copy rehearsal tapes Dead sent out to close contacts back in the day. You have NEVER heard this before, this is not a rehash of the same bootlegs always being recycled. Also featured straight from the hard-copy source (in a package from Dead), rare photos and much unseen/exclusive artwork hand-drawn by DEAD. A definite collectors item worth every cent. Only 300 die hard fan copies made & imported from the United Kingdom."

Buried By Time And Dust
Chainsaw Gutsfuck
Pure Fucking Armageddon
Funeral Fog
The Dark and The Freezing Moon


Anonymous said...

Considering these guys are bootlegging all the King Diamond and Mercyful Fate LPs and 7"s (and I'm more than sure the Slayer 7"s too), selling for $30+, I wouldn't be surprised at all that they themselves are pressing this saying it's "imported from the UK." Shit, it's even got Hells Headbangers 'style' of layout too. Looks/sounds interesting though.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the info. I didn't know that about the other boots...knew they carried em but didn't know they pressed em.

Honestly I'm on the fence bout this one. Definitely want to hear it, and its a fair price, but that cover is ass and the sound might be too. I'm just getting that jittery "Oh shit its limited, gonna sell out and be ebay gold" feeling. Then as soon as it sells out, people will be telling me how awesome it is.

Fuck, what to do? Wait for the next boot of it i guess.

Seriously though, how can you fuck up a Mayhem CD cover?? Black/white...something blurry/evil... done.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence with it too to be honest. Almost every Mayhem bootleg I've heard has been abysmal in quality. Wish they'd post samples.

I just find it funny how many bootlegs the Horrorval brothers try and pass off as 'die hard fan club' records from 'Germany.' They DO run an excellent distro however, I'll give them that.

Bensmasher said...

Pretty great sound quality. this is a CDR though. not a regrettable purchase at all either way.

Anonymous said...

Ah CDR sucks, but if it sounds good I might need this!