Memorial picnic for Kevin Hannigan

"See you in Valhalla Kevin."

Here's some info on a memorial picnic that some really great folks are having in his memory... if anyone has the info on the Baltimore stuff, please get in touch so I can post it here as well.

Kevin Hannigan past away at the age of 26 on November 10th 2009. He touched many of us here in the Bay Area so this is a chance for us to get together and remember Kevin, even if we cannot go to his memorial in Baltimore. Please bring a dish or beverage to share, along with memories of Kevin that you'd like to share.

We will meet at the top of the hill inside the cemetery at Charles Crocker's crypt. Photos are below of the tall crypt, it is to the left of the center main road for vehicles. Please inform and invite any of Kevin's friends that may want to attend.

From San Francisco: Bay Bridge to 580 East to 24 East, take 51st Street exit, right on 51st Street, continue forward on 51st Street/Pleasant Valley, go left on Piedmont Avenue, continue to the end of the street.

From San Jose: 880 North to 238 to 580 North to Harrison/MacArthur Boulevard exit, go right on Piedmont Avenue to the end of the street.

Via Public Transit: get off at Mac Arthur station, walk south east up 40th st to Piedmont ave. Left on Piedmont ave. walk until it dead ends at cemetery.

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