In the Shadow of the Temple of Starlight

Birds From the Abyss "II"
Akhlys "Supplication"

Reviews by Beau Hx

There is a temple hidden somewhere in the great expanses of the Pacific Northwest where mystiks and musicians have gathered to perform grand rituals of unknown origins. I set out to find this Temple, and it's inhabitants, known as the Starlight Temple Society, to attempt to uncover their mysterious motives.

To find this secret Temple, I wandered through endless forest under white moon. I began to faintly hear the primitive sounds of ancient flutes and leather-bound drums pounding towards the sky. As I followed the sounds I came upon an rusted old steel gate. As I pushed it open I noticed a huge structure on the crest of a hill, but before I could fixate too long on the massive Temple, my focus was summarily drawn to a mysterious group of Pharaohs in strange garb, all huddled around a fire on the outskirts of the expanse, still playing their ceremonial dirge, perhaps to put a lost spirit to rest, or maybe, to raise a spirit from the abyss.

I'm not sure how long I stood there watching with the fire in my eyes, as I suddenly awoke, still standing in the same place. I decided it best to leave said conjurers alone and circle around them towards the temple. The Birds from the Abyss ritual of ancient folk hymns would lead well into the Sacred Night, often times pulsing to loud crescendos, but I was too intrigued by the Temple.

Upon reaching the Temple I began to hear a low howl, or an echo of some sort resonating from inside. I initially believed this to be the sound of monks chanting, but as I opened the giant door, I found no one inside. It was the sound of Akhlys emanating from the ancient grey Temple that drew me in... its ominous tone still faint as I walked the massive entry way, with enormous pillars reaching so high that I could not make out the ceiling. After walking the length of the Temple I found a dimly-lit staircase leading down a flight of stairs. I had initially wanted to find a way to the top of the Temple, perhaps finding a balcony from which to get an overview of the land surrounding, but it is at this point that I heard a whispered voice that compelled me to head to the lower levels. By now, I was thoroughly terrified, but for whatever reason, I could not stop descending the stairs.

After spiraling down the concrete walkway for what seemed hours, I finally reached the pitch-black bottom, where only one room awaited me. Never had a heard such a lifeless, heartless sound as I had in that room, its cold form surrounding and enveloping me. It is then that I noticed a strange cloaked figure kneeling not 10 feet in front of me, with its back facing my terrified form. As the ageless entity slowly began to move, I froze. As I caught a glimpse of her empty face, my heart overloaded.

The next thing I remember is standing back at the gate watching the Pharaohs playing their dirge under the white moon.


Lysergic Earwax said...

I think you've sold me on these. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Definitely give em a shot. Especially the Birds of the Abyss. Great packaging as well.