Thoughts from Cascadia

Interesting thoughts from three of Terra Incognito's finest artists... via Eternal Warfare.

"Skagos is the fruition of the western Leviathan, in this world but not of it. Skagos is the stoneborn raven of abhorred island, within an isolating growth. Skagos is the waxing moon in the cycle of anemnesis, the awakening from a deep sleep, and the resurgence of the ancient memory. Skagos absolves within the cycles of life and death, growth and decay, birth and rebirth. Skagos is misanthropy and apotheosis. Skagos is love, Skagos is hate, Skagos is hope and is fear. Skagos is an alter of life, crafted by living hands, guided by a living mind, in a world dead, but ever dreaming."

"Fell Voices seeks intimacy with the unknown. Many tools have been employed by men in the eternal search for understanding, and while knowledge can be comforting, there are some things whose beauty cannot and should not be reined by myth or other such artificial designations. We constantly resist the arrogant human tendency to explain away all of life's mysteries, and choose to peer into the shadows with a clarity of mind and vision. Mankind endlessly attempts to shelter itself with myopic belief systems. Whether this manifests itself in the form of religion, science, or political affiliation is irrelevant, the distortion remains the same. We choose to cast aside ideological and theological crutches to see our world as we perceive it, not as we have been told. While our observations may find congruencies with certain other ideologies, this does not weaken our resolve to strive towards our own truths. Fell Voices is the chronicle of the individual's attempts to be truly aware of the self and its context in this world."

"The endless struggle to survive is what Mania is about. Primitivism is the key. No amount of leftist anarchist ideas will change this world; only personal fulfillment to better you and your immediate community can change your life. A never-ending, all encompassing, urban sprawl of technological infrastructure will engulf all life and there is no fighting it.. only embracing it and using it to further your immediate needs until it collapses. Don't miss the point here. Nature is important, however Cascadia is just like the rest of the world. A symbolic longing for a life of nature is all we have here."


Krumbled Kookie said...

Eternal Warfare is one of the best labels, putting out the most amazing music. The ideas behind the music - and in particular these three artists - is confirmation, to me at least, that the way I've been thinking for many years is not so corrupt as I have been told.

Nate is doing a commendable job running that label, and for all the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. There is a groundswell. I hope that it maintains it's strength and resolve.

I'm not sure how our society hasn't already collapsed under the weight of all the lies.