Axeman "Arrive"

Axeman's cassette now available. Email


Perverse Declarations said...

Any idea on distros that are carrying this? I just got the email crepusculo, but the thread on NWN! forums says they're all ready sold out. fuck!

Anonymous said...

The email is telling you that you emailed him before he took all the orders.

I guess he counted the mail he got
then replyed to the NWN broad then whent back and emailed every one who got one.

Send the money to him...

Did he tell you 13 or 15?? just wondering

Perverse Declarations said...

Yeah, after the thread progressed a bit, and others weren't getting a response I figured I got lucky.

Sent the money out yesterday, excited as hell to hear these.

He told me 14 for both tapes.

Yazata said...

interesting, he told me 15

Perverse Declarations said...

I'm guessing it's based on where yer from, to cover postage and all that.

I'm in the midwest, so maybe thats why I got 14.