I fckn heart grindcore

In response to a few emails I've gotten recently... YES, I love grindcore. For many years it was my favorite genre by far. Unfortunately I got a bit spoiled by Discordance Axis' last LP and maybe haven't recovered since. I still jam my favorite classics sometimes (DA, 324, Hemdale, Gridlink, Mortalized, Assuck) but definitely need to find some new stuff.

I will always worship Japanese grind in particular, and might just do a "History of Japanese grindcore" piece soon (been working on it for fucking ever) ! All hail the blast goddamnit.


Anonymous said...

Shitstorm cassette on Rotting Chapel is pretty excellent. Think he's down to the last copies, however I remember reading somewhere that there will be a vinyl version. Definately my favourite grind release of at least the last couple of years.

Invisible Oranges said...

I feel the same way about grind - love it, but find the classics hard to top. Andrew Childers' Grind and Punishment blog is probably the best resource out there for keeping up on grind.