Just found this band a couple days ago, but I'm really impressed. Black Metal meets shoegaze meets bleak acoustic folkiness. So far, they've released a demo and a full length (digitally, with a physical release of the full length coming) and their latest demo, Kill Yourself on Valentine's Day, set to be released by Depressive Illusions (which you can check out here).

There is a mediafire link to the their first demo, Happy Songs for the Terminally Ill on their mySpace page, and you can download their full length, titled A Left Turn at Happiness, here. Support the band if you can - I was only the third out of 500+ plus people to pay for the download. I was essentially promised that the second full length would be pressed on vinyl, so since we all know that vinyl is expensive to press, let's show these guys some love and make sure that it happens.

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