Record Store Day

Record Store Day happens on April 17th and seems like a good chance to talk about some of the less evil sounds that we all listen to sometimes. Here is a list of announced releases. Some releases will be surprise drops, so make sure you hit the local record stores that day... and be early!

Some releases you guys may be interested in...

Coheed & Cambria "Guns of Summer" pic disc 7"
Deerhoof "Apple O" & "Green Cosmos" LPs
Devo "Fresh, What We Do" 12"
Mastodon "Blood Mountain" 2xLP reissue
Ramones "Ramones Mania" 2xLP
Soundgarden "Hunted Down / Nothing to Say" 7" reissue

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-cja said...

the Ramones 2xLP comes on a blue/green split which looks way nice. also, there's that Joy Division box set and the 'secret' Beastie Boys white label 12" lmtd to 1000 copies. oh, the Mastadon is coming out as 33 and 45 speeds too.