Hallow CD

Noisy, raw, chaotic black metal from this project of Mark McCoy. Out on vinyl last year, but now out on CD. John from Totalvernichtung tells me that "the limited version will be in a cotton A5 bag and both the bag and the CD will be totally black!" Sounds good. Oh yeah, and it sounds good too. Destroy your hearing with this, you won't regret it.


retrograve said...
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retrograve said...

nice, i really enjoy this project. though i have to say i'm bummed about the cover art for the CD. the embossing and packaging is very classy, but when i think Hallow, i expect to see something similar to this incredible stuff: http://www.ihatemarkmccoy.com/index.php?/hallow-exhibition-2009/
i'm glad they're including prints in the package.