Seriously, Fuck American Health Care

Ludicra needs your help.

Ludicra are not only an amazingly awesome band, they're genuinely good people. Knowing that, I ask you to check your bank account to see if you can afford to give them a bit of help. Guitarist John Cobbett recently had a run-in with appendicitis, and without health insurance, his costs are escalating out of control. The band is in Olympia right now, and will be continuing their De-Cancelation Tour in a couple of days minus John while he recovers.

If you would like to make a donation to LUDICRA/John Cobbett directly through Profound Lore, simply send a manual paypal payment here: and in the subject line please write “Ludicra Donation” just so they know what it's all about.

Listen, I know the economy is bad, so if you can't, you can't. Certainly we all understand. But if you can even afford $5, they'd appreciate it, because they're good like that.



Emil said...

dt even get me started. american health care is the worst, there is not care for health, there is only care for money. Its a multi mullion busniess just like many other cooperations. Medical descitions should be made by the patient and the doctor, not this is not the case, insurance co-oparations makes the desicion who gets to live or die based on if they can make a profit out of it or not. They apply a formula, based on paper work and income, and if you dont 'fit' you are denyied treatment. They do not take the most important human eement into account; the will to live. even if someone is a smoker and earn less, they might still have a 20 times stronger will to fight, survive, and live then some rich douchbag. this is not considered in their formula on who gets the care they need or not. The formula 'insureance' copmanies apply purpose is to earn as much money as possible. its is sick, on another level. They do not care who lives or dies or who much will and love for life a patient has, they only look at the numbers if they can profit from 'covering' this or that person. DECISIONS SHOULD BE MADE BY DOCTORS AND THEIR PATENTS, not money hungry co-operations that claim to 'insure'. Where i come from, Sweden, i always remeber when sick, you walk into the hospital until your well enought to walk out and thats that. no money in question. they money for healthcare is taken out of everyones taxes over there, based on how much you earn. and everyone is entitled to free, equal, medical treatment through that. I really like the way the movie 'SAW 6' adressed this issue, putting the ceo of an insurance company in the death trap and asking him to now apply his formula... years ago there was some scientist on the verge of developing medical cures through the use of magnet (i dont recall the science at the moment), the project started to look really promising and a major medical company offered to sponsor the project, but in the contract was that the medical company would receive the patent for this new technology. The scientist, with limited reasources, believing there is good in people agreed to the contract thinking that their technology wouyld be developed faster and more efficent, but as soon as the signatures where on the papers the medical company bured the project and since they now had the pattent the original developers werent legaly allowed to continue their development of proceedure. the reason was, which they were were extremly missleading regaring, is that the medical company would loose money from perscription durgs if this new magnetic treatment was full realised. So they misslead the developers into believeing they would help them develop their science just so they could get the patent only to sit on it so no one now could go ahead with this. Perscription medicine in america is economically and socially shackling, even more so, then the illel drug trade. Magick Jonson has lived in great health a life with aids for many decades now (he looks healther then i do for gods sake), because he has the money, while more children then imaginable (or told about) die in aids in africa everyday because the medical companies has decided at some fansy bord meetings that they will not profit from them as they would from someone like Magick Johnson for example. its a sick society we live in, and it will take its toll.

Krumbled Kookie said...

Thanks Emil, I couldn't agree more.