Cascadian Black Metal movie?

Hey guys, wanted to share this, and get your thoughts on it. Filmmaker Charles Spano is hoping to do an artistic movie based on Cascadian black metal, and is asking for donors to raise money for his project. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject? HSS has a strong connection with the denizens of Cascadia (and rightfully so), and I am wondering if this is a release that is supported by the community. Stoneborn... any thoughts?

Anyway, below is the info... and here is the link.

"This short, experimental documentary will combine B&W, slow-motion portraiture of members of the Cascadian Black Metal community with footage of them in wide, color landscapes, and non-digetic interview audio. I DO NOT in any way want to try to analyze or explain Black Metal culture, rather I’d like to give a deeply impressionistic view of members of this community. This will largely be accomplished with the emotive and aggrandizing qualities of portraiture which, using slow-motion, building sound design, and forest and snowy locations will have a genuine epic feeling.

The primary, driving aesthetic of this film will be texture. We will use high contrast color correction to mimic the look of burned and dodged still film portraiture. The color footage will feel like the color is bleeding in the frame. I will use solemn, earthy colors, browns of the woods and the bleak pale of steely snow landscapes, punctuated by blood red and the violent greens of the Northwestern Hoh Rainforest.

Imagine falling snow, mist, tattered fabric in the woods, drops of blood on ice.

The audio will be scratchy and disembodied, as if it is found audiotape from another time. It will be non-digetic, meaning that the viewer will never see band members speaking in shot, just hear their fractured, floating statements like ghostly, bold declarations which add tone rather than information.

Cascadian Black Metal is a particular geographically based iteration of the subculture with its own sound, ideologies, and aesthetics that warrant documentation.

I like individuals who are very committed to what they do. The Black Metal culture is one of extremes and necessitates bold, remorseless devotion. I find the music immensely rewarding because it doesn't care what anyone thinks, it has no risk of being diluted or diminished by a mainstream following. This will never happen. Black Metal music is true and I would like to create worthy images of its performers.

Wolves In the Throne Room's "Black Cascade" was my favorite album last year. My favorite director is Werner Herzog. Perhaps Herzog's approach to a subject like this would be a good reference.

This film will be more an art piece than a movie, like a painting brought to life – a styled, dark vision of the ecstatic truth of Cascadian Black Metal culture.

In terms of exhibition, this film will play in festivals, in galleries accompanied by Black Metal ephemera, and will be distributed on DVD. Eventually I'd like it to live on a website so it becomes free and available to a wider audience who would not normally access the Black Metal community.

The budget will cover travel and equipment expenses for the production. All help is greatly greatly appreciated."

Project location: Everett, WA


kokoon said...

Gaahl moved to north america?

Anonymous said...

He can interview wolves in the throne room if he wants to, no one else wants to be a part of this.

Anonymous said...

That's what I was thinking. Seems a bit suspect.

Anonymous said...

And ya, Gaahl???

Anonymous said...

"Black Metal music is true..."


Because playing Scion Fests is tr00. GTFO

Anonymous said...

LOL @ this utter fiasco

Stoneborn Ravens said...

Opinions are varied... Most are against the concept, but some people are speaking with strong voices for towards the idea of grasping this as an opportunity to mold the project in to something useful.

At first, the concept of some hipster from New York trying to put a specific faucet on what we are doing did nothing more than offend me, but I've started to look at this situation with a little more positivity. Just barely, but it's not 100% bad anymore... just 98% bad.