Despair, Broken

I have it from a reliable source that Oakland-based Asunder are no more. One of the heaviest, most melancholy bands to ever exist, in my view, and it absolutely destroys me that they hung it up. I never saw them live, and never met them, but those records beat my ass and dug my grave every damn time.

Apparently, though, John Gossard (Asunder, The Gault, Weakling) has a new black metal band called Dispirit and you can hear excerpts of songs on their website. From the death of one comes the birth of another...

If you happen to be in the Bay Area, I strongly suggest you get to one of these two shows. First, tomorrow in San Francisco:

But if not, try to make it to this one on June 4th, featuring bands from the mysterious Black Twilight Circle (Axeman, Ashdautas, Arizmenda, Volahn), as well as Fell Voices and Dispirit.

I'm just in disbelief that Asunder called it quits. Ruined my day to hear this, no question about it.


N. said...

It's so sad, it's one of my favorite bands ever. For sure one of the greatest in the genre. Rest in Peace, Asunder.

Anonymous said...

1 falls another emerges even better,that June 4th show sounds amazing!