Flooded Church of Asmodeus "No Parole From Satanic Underground"

Co-released by Filth & Violence and Bestial Burst's demo series as a Pro-cassette limited to 250 copies. This cobblestone rain from Finland is a 45 minute monster of noisy, speaker-damaging death-pulse bass throbb, complete Gonkulator and Black Mass of Absu worship. If you are familiar with either of those two bands you will need this.

'Twas released awhile ago, but since we are in catching up mode I figured it should be posted in case any of you missed out on this brutal battering. It's sold out from the labels but a couple of European distros still have it in stock. Another sick side project of the great Harald Mentor (Ride for Revenge, Irritate, Incriminated, Conjuration). Highly recommended for the demented.

Brought to you by Emil

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