Goat Eater Arts

New limited, hand-made and hand-packaged releases from Goat Eater Arts.

First is the newest CD release from droning sound artist Nicholas Szczepanik, titled Dear Dad. This is a co-release between Goat Eater Arts and Basses Frequences. Limited to 200 copies, each one is adorned with a different postage stamp.

Next are two CDr releases from Italy's Fecalove (his second full-length release with GEA), and California's TIM the Band. Both are presented with hand-made packaging, complete with printed vellum strips, and are limited to 93 copies.

Finally, there are three new Hoor-paar-Kraat cassettes available. The Trunk Remains Unmoved is a C20 from GEA and is limited to 93 signed, numbered and thumb-printed copies. Handy Feet is C20 released in an edition of 100 from Peasant Magik. The last cassette release is a C60 reissue of 2005's Asha-Dasha, in an edition of 100. Asha-Dasha is being reissued by Florida's Acid Casualty Productions, and can be purchased here.

As always, all Goat Eater Arts release can be purchased here. Keep an eye out for upcoming Goat Eater Arts releases, including Hoor-paar-Kraat's C32 cassette split with Psychic Fare, and the CDr release of A Tongue of Bone from one-man experimental doom band, Persistence in Mourning.

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