Nachtmystium, "Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2"

Not sure what anyone makes of this band anymore, but from what I understand, this album is supposed to represent a fairly radical departure from typical Nachtmystium releases. If interested, you can preorder it now from Century Media.


nate said...

Nachtmystium's releses up till Worldfall ep are great... Assassins was lame. The 2 songs off this one are really boring.I'll just listen to the new Twilight.

Seems they've been getting less and less interesting since Judd started proclaiming how they don't want to be classified as "black metal" - really, who cares about labels. What's good is fucking good.

Anonymous said...

The preview tracks are so unbelievably shite and plodding as to be a joke.