REVIEW Hayaino Daisuki "The Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell"

Let's just get right to it. You can complain about paying $10 for a ten minute CD all you want, but no one puts more hard work and serious thought into his craft than Jon Chang, the grindcore enigma who cut his teeth destroying heads with his legendary band Discordance Axis.

But don't let misinformed "professional" writers fool you. There's no grind here. No... this is one-of-a-kind otaku thrash, informed as much by bullet hell shooters and anime as it is by Slayer. As expected, Chang's vocal performance is in top-notch screech mode, and fellow Gridlink assassin Matsubara completely sets his strings on fire. To me, Matsubara is what makes it move. His machinegun guitar style is as close to perfection as can be, remembering that speed is nothing in thrash without melody, and that melody slides smoothly right over the top of the Lombardo-isms (play fast but hit HARD) of drummer Eric Schnee.

This is the kind of shit that makes you wish you wouldn't have cut your hair to get that job and the pretty girl down the street. Head-banging perfection wrapped in a killer package (DVD case with mini-zine inside). Ten bucks? Best ten I spent this year.

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