The URSK Box

Three years in the making...the wait is now over. The URSK box has finally arrived, and it looks amazing.

For those who haven't been following the URSK series, it is a fine art collaboration between Utech Records and Stephen Kasner.

The series features curated recordings by Skullflower, Heavensore, Runhild Gammelsæter, The Stargazer's Assistant, Klangmutationen, RST, Final, Aluk Todolo, and Stephen Kasner's very own Blood Fountains. Kasner created unique artwork for each of the nine recordings, and Keith Utech utilized various elements of the artworks provided for the design of each album's packaging.

As stated on the Utech Records website:

The box will only be for sale through Utech Records. Each set contains all nine releases in a custom engraved archival box with logo by Stephen Kasner. Also included is a remix cd with one track from each artist based on their original material. A booklet highlights new, exclusive art and text by Kasner and Jenks Miller. The crown jewel of the set is a folder with nine art cards. Each folder was hand-adorned by Kasner in silver ink and houses cards detailing the booklet art. Each set is numbered out of 90. No two are the same.

Available May 29.

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