Gallery of the Grotesque #5

Holy shit.... seriously? It's back? Wow. Here's the label blurb...

"6 years after the last issue was voted by the National Enquirer as "the #1 independent publication in American literature", the Gallery of the Grotesque has opened it's doors once again for another fun filled tour seeped in death, darkness, despair and an occasional stray chuckle (followed by a fresh pile of limbs.).

Our main showcase this time around is a nice collection of indepth and oft times obnoxious interviews with the following fine gentlemen:

Forgotten Woods
Full Moon Productions
Black Witchery
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Velvet Cacoon
Satanic Skinhead Propaganda
Maija (possessed authoress of evil S&M literature)
Crimson Moon
Roba El Khaliyeh
The Ajna Offensive
Oaken Throne fanzine
Black Majesty
Dead Congregation
Ares Kingdom

+ the usual fair of reviews, art, obscure fiction & whimsical black humor sure to make your frown turn upside down (or do a 360, more likely).

We'd hate to call this thing a magazine since it's a 220 page, full sized (8.5"x11") perfect bound tome about as heavy as an anvil and thick as your mother's favorite cookbook (and we should know because we visit her often).

Very few tickets for this tour are on hand so buy one now and come see what everybody's complaining about.

Comes with a free plastic disc that plays music.

Contact Hells Headbangers Records for serious inquiries on how to order:

or STS (and read the instructions before ordering or we'll kill you):"

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