Orthrelm "35 songs"

New CD featuring all the old jams remastered. Get it here.

Also, I labeled this post thrash, cuz it made me laugh. Yeah... what the fuck else am I gonna call it? Hammer smashed sound indeed.


weasel walter said...

would you be so kind as to remove this post? this cd just came out and we need to try to actually sell some of these to make the expenses back. thanks.

it is available at http://www.ugEXPLODE.com

please help support living artists. they need money just like everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Hey Walter... we are a news blog, not a download blog. There is no link to download the album, never was.

We are well known for supporting the artists instead of stealing their music. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, can walter read???