Bludgeon Hounds

The older heads will dig this one. The Bludgeon Hounds were the greatest (ONLY) band from my old home town, and their epic technical thrash blew minds in a sweaty garage for a few years in the late 80's-early 90's. Their shit is now on youtube and hopefully we will soon see a proper release of some of the rare tapes that only the band has (rehearsals/demos).


Phil Golding said...

Wow, ran across this link.. thank you so much for remembering. It means the world to me -Phil

Phil Golding said...

Please allow me to add, David and I are still in touch and have talked about doing some sort of reunion jam. I am living in Florence Oregon though, long ways from Kankakee. I do however have a new intense band that will be playing shows in a month or so, we should get up the valley into Portland. Check us out-