Forthcoming Titles from Gnaw Their Tongues and Nekrasov on Crucial Blast

First, the latest album from Nekrasov, coming in August on Crucial Blast. It's called Extinction and promises to be quite the aural onslaught. Preorder it now from the CB website, along with a great-looking t-shirt.

Head on over to the Nekrasov bandcamp page too, and check out the free EP Perishable Things. It's killer, but that should go without saying.

The same goes for the newest release from Gnaw Their Tongues, L'arrivée de la terne mort triomphante, a concept album centered around death. Again, Crucial Blast is the place to be.

Mories operates a bandcamp page for his various projects as well, so head over there and check out some cool shit.

Bandcamp is a pretty fucking cool idea; every band should have one. Artists like Mories and Nekrasov don't have to offer this stuff for free streaming and sometimes for free download, but the fact that they do is pretty fucking rad, and they deserve our support for that.

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