Hamnskifte, "Födzlepijnan"

Another great release from the folks over at Starlight Temple Society. I'm having a problem putting it into words, and I really can't compare it to anything else I've heard, so I'll let the label do the talking.

""Födzlepijnan" is the debut album of mysterious Hamnskifte, a duo from parts unknown (to you, but not to us. :-) This debut CD contains 5 lengthy compositions of medieval folk inspired music washed over with droning metal guitars and dreamy trance inducing melodies. Recorded on 24 karat gold CD. Packaged in a printed metallic silver envelope and comes with 8 page booklet and poster. Limited to 125 units."

Well said. The gold CD is a nice touch, and is somehow fitting of the music here, which definitely feels grandiose and decadent while still somehow remaining spare. . Very impressive. Get it here.

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