Mania on tour!

My dear friend Nate is on tour again with his project Mania, enacting his elegant spell of pure chaos majick across the United States. However, he needs some help with some empty spaces on his itinerary. So, check out the website I'll leave below, check out the tour dates and see if you have the capacity to fill any holes. Seriously, help out an amazing guy and keep alive DIY, one-man (+ partner in this instance) touring! Also, pick up the Mania full-length and prepare yourself for true eternal filth and chaos everywhere. He will also be carrying quite an extensive distro from the Eternal Warfare shop. Hail Mania!

In terms of Stoneborn news, I'm working on another in depth interview that I'll hope to have done in the coming weeks. Excuse me lack of presence, it's been a very busy time for me.



Anonymous said...

Wish I knew about the Knoxville July 29th show, just left there and it looks like the tours not heading any further north - Chicago or there abouts.

Micki Foster said...

MANIA KOSTED 010!! After stressing i was finally able to get him his show next week in oaklandia.