Sleeping Peonies, "Rose Curl, Sea Swirl"

Ok, I've posted this one before, and I hate to be the guy that double posts stuff, but this is just so damned good; upon learning that there are actually copies left, I just feel its my duty to give it to you again.

It's the first release of Starlight Temple Society-offshoot label Krysanthoney, and one could not ask for a better first release. It combines elements of black metal, shoegaze, and pop music to create something that is hypnotically catchy and dramatic yet still very raw. I love this, so you must too. And it's only $3.50 (plus shipping) so you really can't go wrong.

Sleeping Peonies should have new music coming soon, but get this one while you still can. Only 100 were pressed, so there is no excuse for it not to sell out. Support, people!

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