Thou, "Summit" Streaming on... NPR???

Somehow, the band that once put the words "Take Your Own Life in Your Hands... And End it" on a poster now has its new album "Summit" streaming on the website of National Public Radio.

NPR is a tad too conservative for me, but that's not the issue here. The issue is that it's a great day for Thou, and for their music, to get to so many people.

If you haven't bought this yet, go to Gilead Media and do it now.


Public Castration is a Good Idea said...

I wish we had such a radio in my country. It would rule to hear some awesome sludge played to the great public. And to see their reaction!

Anonymous said...

I hope that is a joke with NPR being too conservative. I'm certainly not into the political games of the capitalist elite, be it left or right, but I think the term "liberal mainstream media" applies to NPR as much as anyone.

Krumbled Kookie said...

Yeah, that's the problem. I have no patience for the "liberal mainstream media" because they play the same games that the conservatives do. Liberals in this country are still too conservative.

Stoneborn Ravens said...

Liberals are too liberal. A pig is a pig.

Krumbled Kookie said...
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Krumbled Kookie said...

"A pig is a pig."

You said it Ray.

I used to advocate for third party politics and all that shit but eventually came to realize that politics is a dead end game, no matter how you slice it.

Fuck the fancy clothing - as you said, a pig is a fucking pig. And that's all we've got are fucking pigs.