Ziz - Spirals

Icelandic drone artist Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson, also known as Ziz, has just released with a new album titled Spirals. Some of you may recognize Ziz from their 2009 collaborative release with Fermentæ. Spirals consists of over 70 minutes of music created from field recordings and guitar.

Limited to 50 copies, the album is on a black-on-black CDr, and comes in a plastic sleeve with an paper insert featuring a photograph by Jóhannes and text provided by an antique typewriter. All of this is housed in a homemade felted wool pouch with a screen-printed Ziz logo on the front.

Spirals is streaming in it's entirety at http://zizdrone.bandcamp.com/. Ordering and contact information can be found on Ziz's Bandcamp page as well.

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