4 New Pre-Orders on Throne Records

Big drop coming at the end of September from the almighty Throne Records, and you can preorder all this great stuff now.

First up, this collaboration LP from New York's Unearthly Trance and Swedish Doom monsters Suma. 350 gram sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, and it comes with a CD. This is not a split, but a collaboration, as each band's vocalist collaborates with the other band. Should be absolutely wicked. These bands are touring the US together in October, so make sure to get out and see them if you can.

Next, the latest offering from San Francsico's Ludicra, now on a deluxe 2xLP. Again, 350 gram sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, plus postcards, and a vinyl-only bonus track. One of the year's finest releases, and one of Ludicra's best.

Last but not least, two heavy-as-hell outbursts from Finland's Fleshpress (who are so kvlt they have no website to link to), both on a separate 12" LP. Fucking amazing sludge, no doubt about it.

Now, the problem for many people in the States will be that Throne Records is a European label (in Spain, to be more precise). I don't know if any US distros will be carrying this stuff, or when, so if you have the means, you should order this from Throne now (shipping at the end of September). To make things a bit easier on your wallet, and perhaps you conscience, they're offering a package deal for all 4 of these vinyls for 80 Euros, including shipping to the US, and throwing in a nice looking Throne t-shirt. If your still not convinced, know that Throne always does it right, and that while it may be a hit to your checking account, it will look and sound damn sweet in your record collection.

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