Artist/designer/layout guy with computer skills needed!!!!

Hey guys... Beau here one more time.

I am in desperate need of a designer/artist/layout guy to do tape covers/inserts/flyers for my small tape label. Because of the small print runs I will not be able to pay cash but will pay with multiple copies of all releases you help out on (and single copies of all releases you don't work on too) ... and your name will be credited in all releases you design. Consider this a way to get your name out there.

What I need...

-Someone who can take photos and logos and make simple tape covers/inserts/flyers and cassette templates.

OPTIONAL- someone who can print high-quality covers themselves and send them to me. Will pay costs plus shipping plus extra for this.

What I don't need...

-Original drawings from artists.

Would love to have someone new/unknown get a crack at this. Email me....

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