Earth, "A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction" CD and 2xLP

Weird. Southern Lord has decided to put together all the tracks from the first Earth recording sessions on one nifty CD or double LP. The first three tracks were previously available on the Extra Capsular Extraction EP (still one of the gloriously heavy things I've ever heard) and the last four were pressed on the Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars CD. I guess it's cool enough to have them in one place, and even nicer to have those 4 tracks from the Sunn Amps CD on vinyl. Oh, and they've all been remastered by Mell Dettmer, who has done all the Earth releases on Southern Lord.

Double 180-gram vinyl in deluxe gatefold packaging with printed inner sleeves. Liner notes by Dylan Carlson himself, and the packaging design has been done by Stephen O'Malley. Will be awesome, I'm sure. And the $18 price tag is more than reasonable.

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