Hammer Smashed Store

Plenty of goodies to sell, all going to fund my label. Help out! All items are new. Email masterblackwinds@hotmail.com to make sure its still here. Limited stock! Prices postpaid in the US.

ALSO, if you are a Deathsmile member and want to cash out for this shit instead just let me know! I would be happy to oblige to clean the slate. Won't effect your status as member. You'll just have to buy DS stuff when its out.

Floor "s/t" cassette $11 ppd
Boris "Variations" CD $15 ppd
Baroness "Horse Called Golgotha" 7" $7 (pink ver)
Corrosion of Conformity "Your Tomorrow" 7" $6 ppd
Righteous Fool "s/t" 7" $6 ppd
Skagos "Ast" CD $8 ppd
Ducktails "Backyard" CD $12 ppd
Ducktails "Mirror Image" 7" $7 ppd
Ducktails "Hamilton Road" 7" $7 ppd
Emeralds "Candy Shoppe" 7" $13 ppd
Oneohtrix Point Never "Antony/Fennesz" 7" $11 ppd
Taarma "Cursed Journey" lathe 7" $15 ppd
Creston Spiers "Yesterdays Parade" 7" gold 2nd press $8 ppd

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