New Batch of Great Releases from EEE Recordings

The always busy EEE Recordings has a great lineup of new releases out now or to be releaesed very, very soon. Stay up-to-date on their website, or just check back here on occasion, as it's one of my favorite labels.

First, the latest release and first full-length by black doomsters √Član, titled Nostalgia and Perdition (pictured above). Recorded over 2008-2009, and promises to be one of the heaviest releases of the year.

This is the latest EP from the ever-prolific Njiqahdda, called Il' Flaen (The Tree). Originally meant to be released on God is Myth records, now available from EEE. One track that continues to push the ever-expanding boundaries of what these guys are all about.

Finally, Njiqahhda's Il' Ijni Talii Humaantii EP and Oaks of Bethel's The Curse of Failure Upon Humanity. Available seperately or in conjunction (with an accompanying book that explains the albums' concept, lyrics, and more), these releases explore the same ideas "through different musical variations and sounds." Definitely not to be missed.

All of these releases are available for only $10 each from the EEE website. The Oaks of Bethel/Njiqahhda package wiht the book will cost $40, but definitely worth it.

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