At Dusk

I got this in the mail from the artist, who calls himself Korihor but whose one-man band is called At Dusk.  He hails from Santa Cruz and you can get one of these discs by going to the At Dusk myspace page. I imagine you'll have to send a private message since the fuckfaces that run myspace won't really allow many links there anymore, and the link is broken. Nothing groundbreaking, but the lo-fi guitar tones are enjoyable and there are some passages that are pretty good.  The vocals were recorded "amongst the Santa Cruz redwoods in the presence of death at the hour of the witch."

The first 50 copies of the CDr come smeared with Korihor's blood, though I would seriously have to question why you would want that.  Mine had a stick of incense in it to, though I don't know if that is standard.

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