Necrite, "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" CD

Forthcoming album on Flenser Records, one of the best labels in the freaking world right now. Pre-order is not available yet, but it should be sooner than later. The official release date is November 2nd.

EDIT: Preorder available now!

Necrite is a band that has produced some real solid demos over the past 6 or so years. While each of them has a feel all its own, there is one characteristic that is consistently present, and that is the feeling of ominous oppression.  That is no less the case with Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, Necrite's first full-length album.

Necrite is by all means a black metal band, but there is much more going on here than that label would imply.  Most words feel empty when trying to describe this album, because you really have to descend into the abyss in order to get some inkling of just how heavy and revolting this is. Sometimes it hits you with rapid-fire blows to the gut, at other times it will punish you with a funeral-doom ambiance that is simply unequaled. This is the music you want to hear while the demons rip your entrails from your rotten and failed physical manifestation. You will genuinely feel repulsed when listening to this album, not because the music is really off-putting, but because of the fucking world that has necessarily created this. The world is bleak and fucking vomitous; so is this album. And gloriously so.

It's also pretty fucking amazing. To say this is one of the year's best black metal records is a waste of time, because you're only going to get what that means if you hear it.  And don't be a fucking pussy and download it - buy the CD. The art was done by HSS friend Kevin Gan Yuen, who also did a great t-shirt for the band. (You can check out his designs here as well.) The visuals here here art perfectly fitting for the music contained therein - dark, miserable, and hopeless.

Necrite will be playing a record release show in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge with Watain, Goatwhore, and recent Flenser addition Pale Chalice on November 17th. If you're in the area, you have no excuse not to go.  It will surely be an event. You'll be able to get the CD and shirt there. If you're not near there, you can and should get the CD from the aforementioned Flenser.

Necrite plays oppressive black metal from the abyss and delivers the annihilation of ALL life.


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