Unearthly Trance/Wooden Wand split 7"

I saw Unearthly Trance over the weekend, and they were awesome, not surprisingly.  You should definitely get out to see them on tour with Suma, if you can.

I just got this email that Chrome Peeler is putting out a split 7" with UT and Wooden Wand covering songs by good ole' Uncle Charlie. UT play "People Say I'm no Good," while Wooden Wand gives their spin on "Get On Home."  Out in early November, limited to 200 copies. Seriously, how could this be anything but awesome?  Pre-orders being accepted now, so get a move on.

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Emil said...

Ha! I was assigned to do the art for this release, about a year and a half ago. i took a couple of months to get it done, never heard back from them, figured they had scrapped the project. And now i see they went with the screenshot of good ol' charlie doing his mad man dance jig on the cover!! The UT track is all accoustic guitar and clean singing, nothing like you ever heard from UT before. But its good, haunting, beautiful somber singing, definitly better then the original... worth picking up! I like the track.